iPhone Delivers Bling – iPod Touch Delivers Bang For App Economy

IPhone receives all the attention and the lion proportion of the paid app economic system in line with industry observers. However, it’s far the iPod Touch this is the workhorse in handing over the sheer numbers that force the two billion+ app downloads. For marketers seeking to extend their brand targeting a youngster-male-style-devices-social target market inside the app financial system, iPod Touch users constitute the primary candy spot.

Let’s take a step returned for a moment and get the lay of the unit extent land. IPod Touch represents approx. Forty% (22.3M*) of the global OSX set up base as of Q3 2009. In particular, iPod Touch has performed mainly well in North America and the United Kingdom and proportionally continues to symbolize a larger deploy base than the worldwide figures and coincidentally are available on the same level; approx. Forty six% (15.5M) and forty six% (1.9M) of these respective markets.

Note: Apple does now not launch iPod Touch worldwide or pok√©mon sword and shield download local figures. However primarily based on certain publicly available assets it’s far possible to fairly estimate.

The upward push in downloads continues to scale with the modern-day figures coming in at 10.Five million apps per day. But here is the real kicker. For every 1 app downloaded via an iPhone person; 1.Eight apps are downloaded by using an iPod Touch consumer, according to Admob. Almost double. This interprets to iPod Touch eating 54% (146M) of all apps globally and 12M in the UK within the month of September 2009. Given that iPhone volume is accelerating and iPod Touch is predicted to grow within a stagnant overall iPod market, a crossover factor is predicted later this yr. Nonetheless, the iPod Touch section remains a key demographic as opposed to the flash of its twin brother.

As a target market how are iPod Touch customers uniquely described as opposed to iPhone users? According to comScore and Flurry Analytics they have got;

Lots of youngster angst. 69% are among 13-24 years and are mainly characterized as teen centric

Less coins. Only 66% have at least 25K annual profits

Zeal for fashion and devices. More probable to be inside the market for cellular, clothes, TV’s and different customer electronics

Voraciously percentage their lives. Made up of heavy MySpace, Facebook and SMS customers

Of path, one issue each gadgets have in commonplace is machismo, depending on which enterprise record you examine they’re 65-70%+ male.

Here is the slap inside the face. IPod Touch users have an insatiable appetite to download the state-of-the-art brilliant new issue; but the tendency is to apply it once and chuck it. According to Pinch Media, best 20-30% of customers go back after first use. Laughably this plummets to approx. 1% of customers that keep with the product after 70-90 days. Indeed, Flurry with a miles large sample indicates that in North American and the UK the retention degree is 12%. They outline this as someone who has downloaded an app in some unspecified time in the future in the beyond and has used the app within the past seven (7) days. Neither Pinch or Flurry smash it down via device type, however given the cause happy nature of iPod Touch customers, I would propose they bear the brunt of the duty for those types of stats doping up.

So, in case you are a marketer trying to target this teen-male-style-gadgets-social target market, what to do. I would suggest you either create a exquisite attractive app or explicitly design a throw-away app. Don’t trouble with the in-among. The app type must issue into your choice-making method as in step with Flurry, categories like tune, fitness & health and news generally tend have better retention levels. In contrast classes like lifestyle and predictably entertainment have lower tiers.

Often the excellent marketing is in reality embracing user behaviour and not seeking to get all fancy pants for your target marketplace. Design for “use as soon as & unload”, supply a fantastic one-off “pop” of utility that boosts the brand. The bonus here is probable to be a quicker and cheaper rollout based on a easier idea awareness process.

In evaluation, the attractive app needs to deliver a nicely crafted experience in phrases of content material, design and pass-to market elements. Part of that experience is the integration of social competencies to attraction to that voracious sharing need mentioned in advance. The end result is, with a bit of luck, durability and traction over the long-term together with your target audience. Indeed, one might argue the reason why users download and use once